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We can provide a professional power flushing service throughout manchester. We use the most advanced cleaning chemicals available and a extremely powerful CF90 Quantum 2 Power flushing machine capable of removing the most stubborn deposits that have built up within your central heating system. All of our engineers / plumbers are fully trained and have attended Kamco's Training Centre to ensure that they can use our machines to their full potential.  


Through time, all central heating systems accumulate sludge which detrimentally affects the efficiency of a central heating system and therefore increases the costs of running it. Additional problems such as a noisy system, rusting radiators, continual venting of radiators and or black water from radiators are all symptoms showing that Power flushing could help you.


Central Heating Powerflushing Our power flushing service caters for residential and commercial premises and FREE site visits and quotations are always available and our experienced, fully trained and friendly central heating engineers can quickly diagnose the problems associated with poorly functioning boilers and central heating systems that are not working properly.


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Some Common problems that can be resolved by power flushing..


Cold spots on radiators due to the build up of sludge in the system.


Radiators cold at the bottom caused by a build up of black sludge that prevents bottom of radiator heating.


No water circulation boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocked pump.


All radiators cold, blocked valves and pipes will stop your heating system working.


Dirty water when bleeding radiators you see black or brown water.


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